Meet The Woman Behind The Curtain

A bit about me…

Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Megan. I’m a wife to a wonderful husband and mother to four amazing children. I own MRH Ledgers and co-own a successful pet waste management company with my husband, all while homeschooling kids and maintaining a happy home!

Why I do what I do!

I founded MRH Ledgers with the hope of helping other business owners in the pet industry gain back their valuable time and freedom to do what they love, all while unloading their more frustrating and tedious tasks to me. When my husband and I opened our pet business, we knew nothing of how to run a business, we did not have any formal training, and we had no idea how much the financial aspects of running a business mattered. It took years of continuous bootstrapping, sacrifices, and mistakes to make it the success it is today. This experience gave me great insight into the pain points and challenges that others in this industry face, which makes me the perfect fit for your business. The best part? You don’t have to spend all those years falling behind like we did.

What can I offer?

I am committed to empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses with bookkeeping services that cultivate financial clarity and foster business growth. By providing meticulous attention to detail, expert guidance, and unwavering support, I help clients navigate the complexities of their finances with ease. It all boils down to one mission: to simplify the journey to success, one balanced ledger at a time. When your finances are orderly, you always know where you stand.

Schedule with me today and let’s make your business fun again!